The finger-jointing line with a wide range of possibilities has 6 built-in scanners for optimal quality.
On this production line, with dimensionally stable finger-jointed wood anticipate the following advantages:

Finger-joint milling on the thickness side of the plank (minimal visual impact).
Rigid and stable wood over the entire length of the plank or beam.
Free choice of crosscut sizes, regardless of the standards on the market.
Possibility of fresh or dried finger-jointed wood.
Lengths available according to your own needs, shortened exactly to the millimeter.
And this exactly according to the desired numbers.

Lengths possible up to 15 m.
Extra treatments possible: profiling, latting, impregnating, etc.
No cut-off losses.
No additional deployment of staff, machines (cost saving)
No storage of unnecessary lengths.
No residual waste.
Quality and strength grading according to your own needs: C18 – C24 – etc.
Possible in pine, spruce and douglas fir.
Possibility of finger-jointing your own supplied wood.

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