Mechanical engineering

As an industrial manufacturer, you are looking for targeted solutions for your specific applications.
Depending on your needs, the desired quality, a respected delivery time and a competitive price are of great importance.

IDE Woods thinks along with you in your project, from the first step.
Every day, as a manufacturer, we experience the importance of a streamlined flow to allow your organization to perform optimally.

Within the range of our technical possibilities and our wood offerings, we think along with you as to how we can optimally meet your request.

Are you looking for that unusual combination of crosscut size and length?
Do you need further processing or do you have special quality expectations that are difficult to manage through the normal supply?

IDE Woods will be happy to work with you to find the right solution:

Thanks to our in-house industrial sawmill, we can flexibly saw the crosscut sizes that match your end product.
With the kiln dryers we dry your wood in a controlled way back to the desired moisture content.
With the brand-new finger-jointing line we can personalize not only standard products but also your specific quality expectations.
With crosscut sizes from 16 x 95 we can handle countless combinations with a thickness of up to 90 mm and a width of up to 250 mm.
And in length, we completely meet all your needs: we produce all lengths between 1.80 and 15.00 meters, exactly to the millimeter and in the required quantities.

Further processing can be carried out by planing, profiling, shortening, splitting, all kinds of crosscut machining.
Finally, the wood can be dipped or pressure-impregnated.

How do we make the difference?
We think in reverse.
At IDE Woods you don’t have to adapt to the market supply.
We start from your process and your product and work with you to find the best possible solutions and techniques.

Do you have a specific question or another challenge?
Don’t hesitate to contact us
and we will be happy to see how we can help you.

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