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Who is IDE Woods and what is our vision?

The Ide family

Where wood and innovation meet, the Ide family is never far away and has been for more than 30 years.

In 1984 Leon Ide and his wife Mie Sallemeyn started the industrial sawmill Lefibo on the banks of the Zaubeek in Zulte. In just a few years, Lefibo developed into one of the leading producers of high-quality softwood for pallets and packaging.

Lefibo, with a capacity of 150,000 m³ of roundwood on an annual basis, is now a household name on the market.

Their entrepreneurial drive and more than ordinary interest in technological developments and social trends led in 1992 to the start-up of Solid in Spiere-Helkijn. Here the focus was on the production of garden sheds and wood products for the garden. Solid also experienced remarkable growth. The range of services extended to sawing, shortening, planing, profiling and impregnating wood. The ample storage possibilities and the smooth logistic service soon proved to be major assets in laying a foundation for long-term relationships here as well.

The companies are now in the hands of Leon and Mie’s sons Steven and Peter Ide who, together with their employees, are the driving force behind the day-to-day policy of both companies. This shows that over the years both companies have continued to breathe the typical family character of a local SME.

IDE Woods

Leon’s experience, combined with the new fresh impetuses of Steven and Peter, brought the IDE Group to another innovative project: with the investment in a high-tech and ultra-modern production line, the group has been marketing finger-jointed wood since the beginning of 2019 under the name IDE Woods.

This extends the product range even further and the Ide family wants to anticipate proactively the perceptible new trends in wood processing and industry.

The best way to unburden the customer of tomorrow was found in an ultra-modern finger-jointing line with a wide range of possibilities, 6 built-in scanners and a high production speed. 

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Finger-jointing line

Established in 2018
Area 7 ha

Kiln dryers - Autoclave - Garden wood                
Capacity 70,000 m³ of finger-jointed wood

Industriepark 8 - 8587 SPIERE-HELKIJN


Industrial sawmill

Established in 1984
Area 7 ha

Finely sawn softwood
Capacity 150,000 m³ of roundwood

Tel. +32 (0)9 338 00 30

Karreweg 42 – 9870 ZULTE

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