We also finger-joint for third parties.
Do you have dimensions that you want to give a new length and a new purpose by finger-jointing? We are happy to do it for you.

The finger-jointing line with a wide range of possibilities has 6 built-in scanners for optimal quality. On this production line, with dimensionally stable finger-jointed wood anticipate the following advantages:

  • Finger joint milling on the thickness side of the plank (minimal visual impact).
  • Rigid and stable wood over the entire length of the plank or beam.
  • Free choice of crosscut sizes, regardless of the standards on the market.
  • Possibility of fresh or dried finger-jointed wood.
  • Lengths available according to your own needs, shortened exactly to the millimeter. And this exactly according to the desired numbers.
  • Lengths possible up to 15 m.
  • Extra treatments possible: profiling, latting, impregnating, etc.
  • No cut-off losses.
  • No additional deployment of staff, machines (cost saving).
  • No storage of unnecessary lengths.
  • No residual waste.
  • Quality and strength grading according to your own needs: C18 – C24 – etc.
  • Possible in pine, spruce and Douglas fir.
  • Possibility of finger-jointing your own supplied wood.

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