Employees gratefully honored

Employees gratefully honored

Where many companies are forced to close their doors due to the Corona virus, we can continue working with IDE Woods until further notice.
We should be grateful for that, because that means that our people have so far been spared contamination and that they also testify to a good Flemish work mentality (with due regard for the necessary prevention measures, of course).
As a thank you, every employee received a range of flowers in various scents and colors today. As a token of appreciation on which they give our company color and a face by the best of themselves.
Immediately the statement of support for the local economy could also be strengthened. All flowers were purchased from Michel Vandeputte Garden Center, Karreweg in Kruisem, also a member of the Zulte-Kruisem Business Association.

Geplaatst op 23.Mar.2020

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